GSA Schedule 03FAC | Facilities Maintenance and Management

Contract Number: 47QSHA18D0018

SIN 871 205: Energy Program Support Services Including, but not limited to, billing and management oversight and assistance in preparing energy services related agency statements of work. Energy efficient buildings certification programs such as LEED may be included.

SIN 871 207: Energy Audit Services Including, but not limited to, developing, executing, and reporting on audit plans and/or performing energy and water audit services. Energy audits may range from cursory to comprehensive. Including, but not limited to data collection, data analysis, benchmarking with tools such as Energy Star, and written recommendations of suggested upgrades of electrical and mechanical infrastructure, including their impact on energy consumption and pollution can include recommendations for using alternative Energy Sources. Audit services can include computerized control systems using analytical software and a network of electronic devices to assist Federal agencies with achieving energy conservation goals. Energy efficient buildings certification programs such as LEED may be included.

SIN 871 208: Resource Efficiency Management (REM) This service involves the utilization of an on-site Resource Efficiency Manager or advocate to assist federal agencies with sustainability initiatives/improvements. These advocates shall work on-site at federal facilities. REM contracts are typically one year long with an option to renew for two or three years. Services could include, but are not limited to, energy usage assessments, providing recommendations on possible steps to improve energy efficiency, progress tracking on sustainability improvements, reporting, etc. Energy efficient buildings certification programs such as LEED may be included.

SIN 871 211: Energy Consulting Services Contractors shall provide expert advice, assistance, guidance or counseling on energy related projects or initiatives to assist agencies in adhering to energy legislation and policy such as EPACT 2005, Executive Orders 13423 and 13514. Consulting services covered by this SIN include: oEnergy management or strategy oEnergy program planning and evaluations oEnergy related studies, analyses, benchmarking and reporting such as feasibility studies, vulnerability assessments, and energy security oAssistance in meeting energy efficient building standards such as Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), Green Globes and Energy Star. oAdvisory services in obtaining alternative financing for energy projects such as Energy Savings Performance Contracts, Power Purchase Agreements or Enhanced Use Leases oConsulting on carbon emissions trading programs oConsulting on where to obtain renewable energy credits/certificates oConsulting on greenhouse gas measurement and management oStrategic sustainability performance planning oConsulting on obtaining high performance sustainable buildings oThe implementation, testing and evaluation of networked energy management systems and services that utilize Internet Protocol - Next Generation (IPv6) enabled systems.